Backstage Massage Spa and Wellness Products for The Road  



Life on tour is exhausting. Our mission is to help.


We give rockstars (literally and figuratively) the support and tools they need to have a better quality of life on the road and beyond ~ So they can live longer and keep rocking!


With the rejuvenating touch of massage and the support of cutting edge wellness products, Rainbow and her team provide a unique portable luxury massage spa & wellness service for the live music industry.


Our backstage setup features a variety of customizable onsite options including one or more rainbowlicious outdoor cabanas, dressing room appointments and even a one of a kind Airstream spa that provides amenities, privacy and comfort.


The massages therapies we offer are personalized to suit the needs of each rockstar who comes to be rejuvenated. Services include a full menu of indulgent massage and body treatments. 


With a combination of advanced wellness products, we build custom tour packages that seamlessly create healthy environments and solutions for artists and crews alike to stay healthy on the road and beyond. 


Our backstage spa is available for music festivals, concerts, special events and private bookings as well. Our wellness product packages can be custom designed for your tour or home. 




 For booking requests  ~ Contact RRRS