President – Rockstar Rejuvenator



Hi, I’m Rainbow!

Originally from Utah, I joined the Navy and spent seven years doing everything from Masterhelming (driving) a destroyer to leading a survival  maintenance team in the Navy’s largest helicopter squadron.

I became passionate about wellness after discovering “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”. This became the catalyst that launched me into an epic journey of healing. I soon realized I wanted my energy spent making the world a better place, so I left the military and have been promoting Wellness and following my heart ever since.

I absolutely love helping people feel better and making them smile. As a massage therapist, that’s my job and I’m great at it! I’m also a big music lover. In my opinion, live music is one of the greatest joys this world has to offer. It’s so tragic and devastating when we lose incredible musicians to health problems that might have been avoided.

This is the inspiration behind my company Rainbow’s Rockstar Rejuvenation Station: To give rockstars (literally and figuratively) a better quality of life on the road and beyond ~ So they can live longer and keep rocking!